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Snack Pack Program

With the Snack Pack Program, no District 5 child has to go hungry.

Snack Pack provides nutritional food for students who do not have enough to eat through the weekend. A growing need for the basics of a healthy meal has been identified in the District. The hope in supplying nutritional food is not only to fill a hungry belly, but also to give children the focus to be ready to learn come Monday morning with ought the worry of hunger.

Hundreds of students are provided food.

Snack Packs are delivered by school social workers and school counselors. During the 2022-23 school year, the Foundation is serving more than 700 students.

A Community Collaboration

The Snack Pack program is a collaborative effort between churches, civic organizations and the Foundation. The Foundation provides funding for weekend snack packs to all identified students.

Snack Pack

Hundreds of Students Are Provided Food

Snack Packs are delivered by school social workers and school counselors in the schools.


Student Research Grants

Students put their advanced research projects to the test.

The Foundation supports advancement in science and education. Each year, the Foundation funds numerous advanced research projects that are conceptualized and carried out by students from the Center for Advanced Technical Studies, Chapin High School, Dutch Fork High School, Irmo High School, and Spring Hill High School. Past funded grant projects have ranged from testing the antibacterial properties of plants to creating adaptable prosthetics for children.

Student Grants
Student Grants

Other Initiatives

  • Summer Reading Programs
  • Stem Programs
  • Environmental projects for Special Needs Students
  • Science Books for Special Needs Students
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